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Firm Overview

The “VLP Copenhaver Espino” label is more than convenient shorthand; rather, it reflects an institutional identity greater than the sum of its parts. The original law firm, Vezina, Lawrence & Piscitelli, P.A., was founded 25 years ago by Rob Vezina, Joe Lawrence, and Mike Piscitelli, with offices in Tallahassee and Fort Lauderdale. As of January 1, 2023, the firm was renamed to “VLP Copenhaver Espino” to better reflect both the strength of its founding members—who remain active in the firm’s legal practice and the evolution of its leadership team—and the addition of a Miami office in Coral Gables with new resident shareholders Alejandro Espino and Jennifer C. Gonzalez. Brad Copenhaver of the Tallahassee office leads day-to-day firm management as the firm’s new Managing Shareholder.

Although founded only 25 years ago, our firm has collective experience rivaling that of law firms many times our size. Our boutique size makes us flexible and able to dedicate our focus singularly on your issues. Our expertise in our practice areas allows us to achieve our clients’ goals at remarkable value.

At VLP Copenhaver Espino, we pride ourselves on getting straight to the heart of the matter and developing a legal or business solution without unnecessary distractions. Our lawyers are adept at quickly assessing your challenges, the legal implications, and the optimal solutions. Whether it is structuring a joint venture, prosecuting a contract claim, negotiating a government contract, or navigating government regulations, our lawyers strive to efficiently achieve the best outcome with each challenge.