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Condominium Litigation

​Florida has more condominiums than any other state. Construction projects at condominiums present unique issues. And VLP is unique among lawyers representing condominiums in construction issues: we are construction lawyers who know the nuances of condominium construction. We are not association lawyers who also dabble in construction law.

​Because of the prevalence of condominiums in Florida, the legislature has passed (and often amended) a comprehensive set of requirements for the development, construction, and management of condominiums and condominium units. These statutes impact construction-related issues in that the legislature has created various statutory warranties that include contractor and subcontractor warranties to both the developer and the purchasers of individual units. Likewise, condominium developers and general contractors often require surety bonds, which invoke surety-law issues in the event of nonconforming work or latent defects.

​Florida’s Construction Defect Act, chapter 558, Florida Statutes, brings additional complexity to construction in the condominium setting. The Act sets out a detailed list of events that must occur before court litigation or arbitration over construction defects may be initiated. Those procedures must be followed or a lawsuit or arbitration is subject to abatement, thus delaying the dispute’s resolution.

​Fully aware of the personal nature of construction in a condominium setting, we also pride ourselves in availability and communication. We understand that construction in a condominium affects people’s homes—and that is personal. We bring our overarching knowledge and experience of the construction industry to the buildings in which people live.